Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Astonishing Splashes of Colour by Clare Morrall

This blog is specifically for comment on the Man Booker Prize for fiction, based in the U.K. There are, at the moment, six shortlisted books each year, and as I read them, I will offer my review, without revealing the plot! I want to talk about the readability, style and the amount of quality reading to be enjoyed (or not!) I have no affiliation to anybody, so my comments are without outside influence. enjoy my thoughts, and please feel free to comment...

Astonishing Splashes Of Colour
Clare Morrall
ISBN: 0-9541303-2-4
The phrase 'never judge a book by its cover' could not be more relevant about this debut novel from Clare Morrall. When I first picked it up and looked at the blurb on the back cover, I was not immediately excited about opening the novel. I must say though, that this book swiftly became a one sitting story.
In the tradition of not giving away any plot lines, I will refrain from telling you all about Kitty Wellington, who is the narrator of the story, but I can fairly confidently predict that she will make you laugh, cry, feel sorry for her and feel sorry for all the people that she comes into contact with. She is very believable, real and the sort of lady we might all bump into during our own lives. The big question is whether you would want her to remain as part of your life, or whether you would prefer her to disappear as quickly as she arrives. I for one, would like her to stay, no I wouldn't, yes I would, no I wouldn't...get the idea? I think the trouble is that if what happens to her happened to a friend of yours, then you would want to offer as much support as possible, but if the damaged lady that is Kitty wandered into your life, I wonder if you would cross the street?
So, how is it written, how readable is it? Clare has written with ease, confidence and a sure knowledge of the subject. There was no time, (unless Clare determined it) that we were left confused about the story so far along with a tingling anticipation of what might happen next. When she meets the child (no plot revealed), then my heart went into my mouth with concern for Kitty, the child, the situation and what would happen if it were to happen to me. Great plot development!
I do wonder, on a slightly down side, if the book is written for a British market rather than an international one; the journey on the bus, for example would make more sense to a reader familiar with the public transport system. But it doesn’t detract from the tale, and certainly don’t make it a reason to not read the book. Just trust the author, when she is describing local systems and processes that she is right. On a particularly personal note, I happen to live in the area where she spends a lot of her escaping time and I can confirm that she has got both the geography and the feel of the area spot on.
BookerBloke verdict: 8out of 10
And I look forward to reading more of the same quality from this author.

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